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Stretch Crepe  fabric system on G.I studs 2400mm X 50mm thickness 0 5mm, flanges 15 & 50mm fully knurled giving it high strength, hot dipped galvanized steel with 120GSM zinc coating mechanically fastened 600x600mm center to center specially designed for Acoustic vibration management and long life with a backing 50mm thick, 1000gsm Absorb Wool tested as per Fire Retardant AST MD 635.1991 and IS 15061-2002 for excellent results. ‘Aphony Fibrette’ 600x1200x20mm tile with NRC 1.00 as per ISO. 354.1985 and ASTM 423-90 a. Density 400 Kg/m3 meets stringent Fire Ratings ASTMD-876 and Fire Class -1 and Class P-not easily ignitable as per BS-476-PM 5.6.7.

Installation :

To be mechanically fastened on the G I Studs Acoustical infill of Absorb Wool 10mm which is adhered to the acoustical panel on the front side Then 12mm/20 mm. Vinyl tracks are screw fixed on to the 6mm Ply and Acoustics panels. Then the fabric is stretched over the Vinyl tracks. The installed system should provide NRC OF 1 Fabric colour as per Architect choice.

Stretch Crepe Specification

LENGTH Unlimited
WIDTH 300-1200 mm
THICKNESS 85-90 mm
DENSITY 400 Kg/m3
NRC NRC 1.00 (with full system)
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Sound Absorption is a technique where in various absorbent materials are strategically used to absorb sound to avoid unwanted reflected sound waves within a room or space. The main reason to use this technique is to reduce reverberation time (RT) for making the speech clearer. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) term is majorly used within United State and defined as part of American Standards. The rating is unit-less and it is a coefficient and the ranges are from 0 to 1. Higher the average NRC is the better will be the absorption property of the product.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) chart of Stretch Crepe

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