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FLEXI MOVABLE PARTITION WALL is a customized designed stylish, robust and functional system that can be perfectly applied in multipurpose halls, Banquet Halls, Conference Centers, Education Facilities, Public buildings or any environment requiring acoustical control with room flexibility. For providing temporary sound isolation of the area. It can be used to divide a hall area as per requirement providing sound isolation of 43 STC. It has been constructed with removable suspended panel faces allowing easy access for recovering, replacement or access for service and maintenance. Flexi Movable walls enable room layouts to be swiftly changed according to needs. With infinite choices of designs to cater any kind of layout / design required. The sliding partition will be Manually Operated, fitted with locking mechanism to move Top and Bottom Seals. The panel Trims will be standard series with exposed Aluminium trims. Each panel will have top and bottom Rubber Retractable seal with Concave / Convex Vertical Interlocking profiles. The panel surface will be as per the client’s requirement finished that is MDF/Laminate/Fabric/Woodlot Acoustic Finish.

Flexi Movable Partition Specification

PANEL THICKNESS 100 mm + Finishes
OPERATION  Manual Movement
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Sound Insulation is a technique used to stop sounds transmission from one room to another. The main reason for this technique is that it ensures privacy within the room, cabin, studio, cinema, home theatres, conference rooms, auditoriums, sports auditoriums, halls etc. Sound insulation is required to stop the sound going out from the said premise or the area as the excessive sound going out could disturb the surrounding atmosphere. STC (Sound Transmission Class) is the capacity of any product to block the sound. It is a single number rating and measured in Decibels (dB).

STC (Sound Transmission Class) chart of Flexi Movable Partition Wall

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