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ELEGANT CREATIVE 55mm panel with Printed Customized design as per choice of Architect in charge. Our Panel made of 5mm cement fibre panel fixed on 44mm FR termite treated wooden studs with the infill of HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS. 50mm thick,1000 GSM absorb wool tested as per Fire Retardant ASTMD 635-1991/Insulation and IS 15061-2002 for excellent results and Backing of 6mm ply with covering of absorptive tissue on one side. Installed directly on walls with H Profile.

Elegant Creative Specification

SIZE 595×595/595×1195/600×600/600×1200/1195 x 295 mm
DENSITY 1050 Kg/m3
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Some of Our Printed Panel Designs


Sound Absorption is a technique where in various absorbent materials are strategically used to absorb sound to avoid unwanted reflected sound waves within a room or space. The main reason to use this technique is to reduce reverberation time (RT) for making the speech clearer. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) term is majorly used within United State and defined as part of American Standards. The rating is unit-less and it is a coefficient and the ranges are from 0 to 1. Higher the average NRC is the better will be the absorption property of the product.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) chart of Elegant Creative

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