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APHONY GRACE Panel made of Wood Fibre cement composites covered with Acoustically Transparent Absorptive micro fibers on the front side with thickness of 15,20, 25 mm provided density 400-500 Kg/ m3, meets stringent Fire Ratings ASTMD-876 and Fire Rating as per BS:476 weather resistance as per IS 3308, Thermal Insulation as per IS:3346-1980 with relative humidity of 90% RH at 60 Celsius(140 • Fahrenheit) fur 15 days= No deterioration.

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Ceiling Panel Specification

SIZE 595×595/595×1195 mm
DENSITY 400-500 Kg/m3
NRC 0.70 (with full system)
Download Product Datasheet

Wall Panel Specification

SIZE 600×600/600×1200 mm
THICKNESS 20,25 mm
DENSITY 400- 500 kg/m3
NRC 0.70 (with full system)
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Sound Absorption is a technique where in various absorbent materials are strategically used to absorb sound to avoid unwanted reflected sound waves within a room or space. The main reason to use this technique is to reduce reverberation time (RT) for making the speech clearer. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) term is majorly used within United State and defined as part of American Standards. The rating is unit-less and it is a coefficient and the ranges are from 0 to 1. Higher the average NRC is the better will be the absorption property of the product.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) chart of Aphony Grace

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