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ACOUSTIC WINDOW made of toughened Glass filled with argon gas of various combinations depending upon how much sound isolation is required. Glass panels joints and sides to be sealed with acoustic silicon window frame made of wood/upvc.

Acoustic Window Specification

SIZE Customized
FRAME SHADE Natural & Polished
SHAPE Square & Rectangle
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Sound Insulation is a technique used to stop sounds transmission from one room to another. The main reason for this technique is that it ensures privacy within the room, cabin, studio, cinema, home theatres, conference rooms, auditoriums, sports auditoriums, halls etc. Sound insulation is required to stop the sound going out from the said premise or the area as the excessive sound going out could disturb the surrounding atmosphere. STC (Sound Transmission Class) is the capacity of any product to block the sound. It is a single number rating and measured in Decibels (dB).

STC (Sound Transmission Class) chart of Acoustic Window

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