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The polycylindrical (Concave) diffuser will act to scatter high frequency sound and trap bass in any location. Bass absorption will vary with size. Increasing size lowers center frequency of maximum absorption. Mid to high frequency absorption is typically 0.10 to 0.25. The Concave Diffuser is available in white Thermoformed Plastic Style. Lining is standard in larger sizes. Diffusers are wall mounted by mechanically fixed on the wall/ceiling or on the grid framework for ceiling. Configurations are available to fit a standard T-bar suspended ceiling grid. Concave Diffusers are available with 50 mm thikc insulation to be fitted in the internal cavity. Diffusers are faceted on the short dimension unless otherwise specified



Pyramidal diffusers quickly and easily eliminate floor to ceiling standing waves. They reduce flutter echo while maintaining a warm room sound. Molded in a one-piece pyramid shape, their offset apex provides four different angles of reflection. The internal cavity of the Pyramidal Diffuser can be lined with a 1½” thick layer of glass fiber batting to increase absorption and prevent resonance.


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