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Acoustic Ceiling And Wall Tiles Offering Effective Noise Control Solutions
Acoustic ceiling tiles and wall tiles are used in residential, commercial as well as industrial purposes to soundproof the room. Acoustical tiles when applied on the ceiling and the walls of a room act as covering and provide a layering and this is how ceiling and wall acoustic tiles serve the purpose of soundproofing the room where they are used. Since, the main purpose served by acoustical tiles is to reduce the noise levels in a room; some fibrous material is added to them so that they can better absorb the sound when used in soundproofing and acoustical treatments. This is the reason why acoustical tiles are different from the regular wall and floor covering tiles available in the market. The acoustical tiles are manufactured using specialized materials such as wood or metal.

Himalyan Acoustics welcomes one and all, seeking acoustic products and solutions.You have just landed at the leading acoustic manufacturer India resource to get a wide range of acoustic wall panels and tiles, according to your needs. Choosing the right material for sound proofing and sound insulation will make all the difference to the auditory experience of the occupants of the room or inner space. Only quality sound proof tiles and panels offer ideal room acoustics. You will find top quality acoustic materials here that are visually and acoustically perfect, and come in all possible hues and shades to suit a variety of design features and make aesthetic sense.

Himalyan Acoustics is well known for its soundproofing tiles and panels offering both acoustical and visual excellence. The brand of Himalyan Acoustics spares no efforts when it comes to serving their clients and offering them exactly what they are looking for. You will find its acoustical products and materials supplied to not only within Himachal and Punjab, but to all major cities of the country. Their soundproofing ceiling tiles and acoustical foam panels are used successfully in a number of important projects , covering gymnasium halls, church & temples, sports complexes, conference rooms, lecture halls, home theatre, auditoriums, college multipurpose halls, recording studios, call centers, disco, ceiling projects, banquet halls, etc.

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