There are very few manufacturers of the acoustic wall tiles that live up to the expectations of the customers and deliver the results they promise. The redundant market of today only serves to raise the costs, lowering the quality and this only leads to lower the acoustical performance of the acoustic wall tiles. Himalayan acoustics is a trusted name when it comes to buying acoustic tiles for walls.

Making the Acoustic Wall Tiles

When fiberglass acoustic wall tiles were first introduced several years ago, they carried a smooth face surface where decorative fabrics could be easily adhered to. However, these tiles were subject to damage on the edges and in order to handle this issue, the edges were treated with a polyester resin, which led to a hardened edge and thus prevented any damage. Woven polyester is the commonly used fabric that is used to cover the acoustic tiles. Today, manufacturers like Himalayan acoustics, make use of new technology to create these tiles for acoustic purposes in different sizes, hues and shades to match any interiors.

Acoustic Wall Panels For Stylish and Effective Soundproofing Solution

The Fiberglass Core Of These Tiles

The fiberglass cores that you will find used in acoustic wall tile are made of resilient fiberglass mats that are much tougher and can withstand abuse and rough usage. They are machined so as to make a variety of edge profile and this edge effect can improve the acoustical performance. Making use of quality acoustic tiles for walls lead to much higher value for money and the customers get a much superior results when it comes to sound insinuation and absorption.

Architectural specifications usually specify the kind, size and color of acoustic wall tile for the installations. If specifications are clear according to the needs and the installations are done professionally, you will find that the acoustical tiles do not get relocated generally except in very rare cases. The primary-aim behind using these tiles is to control reverberation time and eliminate noise build up in a room. Thus, these acoustic wall tiles are a very important part of the architectural environment.

The acoustical performance of the tile will naturally depend on its quality and thickness. Make sure to order your tiles for acoustic purpose from a reputed name like Himalayan acoustics, the acoustic manufacturer Himachal, in India. This is a trusted name in the world of acoustics and a leading provider of acoustic wall tiles.